BOOK Reveals: 'What doctors won’t tell you about cancer treatments'

The Power Of Knowledge

The Definitive Overcoming cancer Guide: 6 Crucial Rules & Mistakes To Avoid To Overcome cancer. That Compels Readers To Take Action and Heal !
"Whether you're facing cancer, you beloved or family member is facing it, or you're a professional Doctor looking to deepen your skills, this book is for you. You'll learn how to face it. You will understand why these advanced cancer treatments based on nobel prized science and discoveries are efficient!
You will understand how they can change your life.

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"I found this book to be an absolute revelation, l
was shocked that such an unbelievably innovative treatment for cancer has been seemingly hidden from the mainstream.
Thank you Johannes."


"“This book literally changed my life. I recently had a cancer and, after reading these words decided to start listening to my body and act. Thankfully I got the all clear.”"


"Thanks to Immucura Med, and immunotherapy, I successfully overcame a brain tumour. I would urge everyone to keep a copy of this book on their shelf. Not only for themselves, but for everyone they care about to read."


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About The Author

Johannes E. Schumacher grew up in a small town close to Dusseldorf, Germany, the eldest of three brothers and one sister. Johannes married in 1993 and is now also the proud father of three sons and a daughter.
After completing his early education in Viersen, he went on to serve two years civil service within the paramedic sector. The following five years saw Johannes achieve a bachelor’s degree in econom- ics, and a master’s in education. A successful fif- teen-year career ensued specialising in management consultancy, corporate development, leadership, and communication. Much of this time was spent with- in the pharmaceutical industry, eventually becoming a partner and CEO of a specialist consultancy firm.
During the following ten years Johannes suc- cessfully served as managing director for several fi- nancial institutions. In 2014 Johannes founded Im- mucura Med, a leading force in the field of natural immunotherapy.

Here's the content

A significant part of starting the journey is to understand how to win the game.
 Opening the Game
  Friendly Game
Game under Pressure
 Losing the Game
 Game Changer
 What doctors won't tell you about cancer treatments
  Advanced Cancer Treatments
 Scientific evidences

So If You're Struggling With Cancer And
Want To Get This Overcome...

This Book Is For You!

Game Changer is not another “how to” book on a way to overcome cancer.
It is about understanding “how you” have the power to overcome cancer.
You will understand why these advanced cancer treatments based on nobel prized science and discoveries are efficient. You will understand how they can change your life.

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